Welcome to the Pastor’s Corner, and welcome to the website of the First Presbyterian Church of Greenlawn! We hope that you will find here helpful resources for your spiritual journey.
That early Christians were called the “people of the way” is a reminder to us that we have not yet reached our destination, but continue to make our way along the path of discipleship. What is true of our lives as Christians is also true of this page and site. It, like us, is “a work in progress.”

And “may the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all”
(2 Cor. 3:14)


A Message from Pastor
Ann Van Cleef
, July-August 2021

My Beloved Church Family,

One of the things that I do as I prepare to publish The Steeple Chimes each month is to look over last year’s corresponding edition to make sure that I haven’t missed anything important. That’s how I ended up reading my Pastor’s Message from last July, and was reminded how uncertain life was as we were dealing with a closed church building and wondering what the future
held for us.

We’ve come a long way since then. We’re worshiping together in the
Sanctuary (and in the Parlor during July and August) once more, and we’veresumed coffee hours. Great things are happening buildings and groundswise, including the refurbishing of the church office, the installation of wainscoting in the front hallway, and, in particular, the renovation of thechoir room. Governance-wise, we have gone to a unicameral board and restructured
many of our committees. In particular, the Missions Committeehas enjoyed a resurgence, and our Little Food Pantry is available to the community 24/7.

The pandemic forced us to make some changes that we never would have made on our own. We streamlined our Order of Worship, and most of our committee and Session meetings now take place via Zoom. We also learned to simulcast our Sunday morning Services, enabling homebound and out-of-town friends and members to participate.

Could we have predicted all of this a year ago? I don’t think so. But God was there for us. It always amazes me that no matter happens in life, God has a solution. God’s ways are not only perfect, but they’remuch more exciting than our ways ever could be.

Sadly, this summer won’t be perfect. COVID-19 is still out there. Food, gasoline, and building materials aregetting expensive. Some may see this as a half-empty glass, but we can allow God to show us how that glass is really half-full.

This summer, we at FPC Greenlawn will be in “planning mode.” The Vision Team has a lot of ideas for the coming year, and we have a Church Fair coming up at the end of September. Furthermore, we have to start
talking about how we’re going to celebrate our church’s 150th Anniversary Year in 2022. Yes, our future is bright, indeed!
Have a blessed July and August. See you in church!

With love and blessings,
Pastor Ann

Welcome Rev. Dr. Ann VanCleef!


Sunday Worship –
Questions and Answers

By Pastor Ann

Zoom Worship

How are we going to worship on Sundays?    
     We will be continuing our Sunday worship using a video conferencing system called Zoom.  You may log on as early as 10:00 a.m. for coffee and conversation.  Worship begins promptly at 10:30, followed by a virtual coffee hour until noon.  The easiest way to do Zoom is to download the Zoom App from the App Store.  Zoom will work on a computer, a laptop, an I-Pad, or a Smartphone.  

What are the Meeting IDs?
     Please check your weekly email for ID's and Passcodes for each service.

Will I get a reminder about logging on to these services?
     If you are on the church e-mail list, you will get a weekly e-mail with the Zoom link.

I don’t have a camera on my computer, but I do have a Smartphone.
Zoom will work on your Smartphone. 

I don’t have a computer or a Smartphone.  What can I do?
     You may telephone the following number: 
     You will be asked for a meeting ID.  The meeting IDs are outlined in paragraph 2.
     You won’t be able to see us, but you can still hear what’s going on.

Please note:
     Out here on the North Fork, where I live, the Internet has been a bit “iffy” lately.  There is a chance that I will suddenly “disappear” from your screen.  If that happens, just hang in there.  I will log back on with my iPhone.


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