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Message From the Pastor
November 2017

As I grew up in our church, you taught me about the vertical and horizontal dimensions of Christian life.  You explained that the horizontal dimension, like the horizontal beam on the cross, rests on the vertical one; that the vertical dimension has to do with our relationship with our God who creates, redeems and empowers life; and that the horizontal dimension concerns our relationship with the neighbors God gives us to love.  You told me that it is our very relationship with God that helps us to recognize our neighbors as neighbors, rather than as strangers, competitors, or enemies. 
I learned from you that the Ten Commandments are rooted in the self-revelation of God: “I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt” (Ex. 20:2; Deut. 5:6).  You helped me to see that all the “oughts” of Christian life flow out of the “is” of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ. 
You instructed me that the horizontal dimension of stewardship (our mutual obligations as members of Christ church, both to one another and to the world into which we are sent) rests upon the vertical dimension, namely that “the earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it” (Ps. 24:1).  You invited in me the recognition that if the horizontal dimension of stewardship draws on the language of duties and responsibilities, all the stuff we have to do, the vertical dimension frees us to turn our gaze from what we have to do to what, through God’s empowering Spirit, we get to do.  You taught me the new language of response-ability, how our Creator enables us to care for others rather than leaving us all wrapped up in the tiny package of autonomous self.
Sunday, November 19th, is stewardship commitment Sunday.  May we discover in stewardship not burden (“have to”) but buoyancy (“can”). May our responsibility become response-ability.  That is, may we as individuals and as a congregation be freed to live joyfully in response to the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ.   Then maybe we’ll discover that love of God and the love of neighbor are not an either/or proposition, that love is not divided.  In that new way of seeing may the love of God be for us the love of neighbor, and the love of neighbor, the love
of God.

See you in church,
Pastor Fred


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